It has never been more important to help our customers provide simple, secure, reliable internet access from anywhere. It is critical for them to find ways to differentiate themselves and provide added value for their services. Meraki invites you to be a visionary, pioneer and leader in our Cisco Meraki Global Hackathon. The path to greatness requires a strong adversary. 

What is the focus of the Meraki Global Hackathon? 

Challengers will have an opportunity to showcase their prowess using Meraki, Ecosystem Partners, and additional Cisco technologies to solve our customers’ challenges in one of four categories:

  • Automate Everything
  • Smart Spaces
  • Hybrid Work
  • Define Your Own Challenge

Who is Meraki?

Cisco Meraki, the industry leader in cloud-managed IT, creates the simplest, most powerful solutions helping everyone from small businesses to global enterprises save time and money.

Founded in 2006, Meraki was born out of a desire to simplify an industry that had become increasingly inflexible and complex, leaving many behind. Meraki technology, managed from an intuitive, feature-rich interface, enables organizations to rapidly roll out digital initiatives, delivering real business value.

Backed by a wealth of networking data and insights, Meraki helps you get things done, so you can do more.

Our current portfolio, extensible with open APIs, includes wirelesscellular gatewaysswitchingsecuritySD-WANintelligent network insightsendpoint management, smart cameras, and IOT sensors.


What to Build

Teams must build an application leveraging Meraki APIs that solves a business problem of the modern day organization as it pertains to one of the categories listed below. This hackathon is open to Cisco partners globally, and must be completed within 48 hours following the October 25, 2022 kickoff event at 11am EST. Bring your creative minds and out of the box thinking! You’re welcome to leverage any other Cisco technology or sponsor Ecosystem Partner APIs as well, along with an MT30 smart automation button available upon request (for US based teams).


  • Automate Everything - The days of manual processes for repetitive tasks are over. Build an application that improves efficiency and frees up the business to focus on value-add activities.

  • Smart Spaces - Elevate your space. Whether it’s making an office more pleasant or a network closet more secure, show how you can leverage environmental data to make the most out of a given area.

  • Hybrid Work - Inspire collaboration in and out of the office. Build a solution that enables productivity amongst co-workers regardless of where they set up shop.

  • Define Your Own Challenge - Have a solution to a problem we haven’t addressed? Show off your creativity by defining your own parameters and building a solution that fits a modern business need. 


What to Submit:

  • Include an application built with at least (1) Meraki API and fits into one of the above themes (it’s recommended to use APIs from our Ecosystem Partner sponsors or alternate Cisco technologies as well).

  • Include a description explaining what the application does, how it was built, and what challenges you faced as a team throughout the process.

  • Include a short demo video of your project speaking to the above description and upload a few screenshots for reference.

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Meraki Unboxed Podcast Highlight (8)

Winners and project featured on the Meraki Unboxed Podcast.

Meraki Blog Post Feature (8)

Winners and project featured on the Cisco Meraki Blog.

Meraki Community Promotion (8)

Winners and project promoted in the Meraki Community.

Meraki Swag Kit (8)

Winners will be sent an assortment of Meraki branded apparel and accessories.

MT Sensor + License (8)

Winning team members will be sent a Meraki MT sensor of their choice along with an accompanying 3YR license (up to 6 sensors and licenses per team).

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Dimitri Polydorou

Dimitri Polydorou
Global SE Director, Service Provider & Partner Sales at Cisco Meraki

Hope Galley

Hope Galley
Global Sales Leader, Service Provider & Partner Sales at Cisco Meraki

Joe Weiss

Joe Weiss
World Wide IoT Sales Leader at Cisco Meraki

Leopold Fischer

Leopold Fischer
Technical Solutions Architect at Cisco Meraki

Eric Zolnosky

Eric Zolnosky
Systems Engineering Leader, DevNet at Cisco Meraki

Kyle MacDonald

Kyle MacDonald
Americas Channel Engineering Leader at Cisco Meraki

Josh Collier
Partner Solutions Architect at Cisco Meraki

Judging Criteria

  • Quality of the Idea
    Does the solution fit the spirit of challenge? Does it adhere to one of the four listed categories?
  • APIs Used
    Did the solution use at least (1) Meraki API? Participants are required to use at least (1) Meraki API and recommended to use at least (1) Ecosystem Partner or Alternate Cisco Technology API.
  • Potential Business Impact
    Does the idea address an industry business problem? Are there advantages in their solution? Are there measurable or tangible benefits for the stakeholder(s) in this area of the business?
  • Complexity
    The solution presented is something more than sample code previously created. Does it seem feasible for the team to have built this solution in 48 hours?
  • Implementation
    Would this solution be viable in the market? Could a partner drive demand for this solution and easily integrate it into their existing practice?

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